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What our customers are saying:

 My mom loved her lavender lotion and used some as soon as I gave it to her. It's a perfect blend of quality moisturizers and essential oil.  When I returned from doing a few errands her home still smelled like fresh lavender! Thank you for quality scented lotions that are more affordable than most.

Lisa Jones- Ringgold, GA

I have one of each of "Kim's creations" and love them all!  My favorite is the pine scent spray. I can make it feel and smell like Christmas all year long.

Valerie Gordon – Rome, GA

I kept a bottle of your “Melody” lotion for myself and I just opened it and started using it. IT’S AMAZING! It’s the best lotion I’ve ever used! I kept smelling of my hands all day!

Amy W. Chickamauga, GA

My mom just received her specially made gift and LOVES it! The pillow was an extra touch to soothe her painful bones. What a perfect gift to send to a loved one!
Dannie S. - North Carolina

Mizz Kim, I love so many of your products.First I used the lip balms until my husband and son "took" them.  I also love the soothing lotion bar. I have never seen another product like it. I keep it by my bed and rub it on my hands every night.  My hands used to be so dry and itchy. Well no more! It is the only thing that has worked.  I tried every lotion that was supposed to help.  This is the best.  And the best part is everything is wrapped so nice.  I just ordered 3 baskets for some sweet friends of mine.  I am giving it to them for Christmas.  They were wrapped so beautifully.  I love your new website - how cute just like your products.

Susan Nowland – Ringgold, GA

Freesia is my absolute favorite scent!!!  Room spray, and lotion bars are probably my all time favorite products...but the lip balms aren't far behind!  Everything make by "Mizz Kim" is wonderful, and I can't wait to try more!

Claudia Guntharp – North Little Rock, AR

I am loving the items I got from Mizz Kim's Creations. I used the linen spray to get rid of the musty smell on the items that were packed away after my move, and now everything smells great.

Tamlyn Collins - Ringgold, GA

I enjoy using my Lip Balm, Heel - Bow Helper and the Linen Room Spray. Also the little sample "Chocolate Bliss Massage Bar." I'll have to order one of those next.

Maudie Cawood - Ringgold, GA

When I discovered "Heel Bow" I felt it had been created just for me!  Not only could I tackle my cracked heels, I could enjoy doing so. The lavender scent and easy roll-on application makes keeping my tootsies soft a welcome routine.

Janie Watts Spataro
Woodstation, GA

My favorite product is the Pink Lemonade lip balm!  It feels great and is as effective as the medicated brands!

Kathy Headley - Dacula,GA

A quote about  the "Mabelicious" creme:

"Mom LOVES the creme!!!  Thank you so much!  Even my dad said that it smells really good.  ;)  That’s saying a lot coming from him.  LOL"

Anita - Ringgold, GA

"I absolutely love my body smelled soooo good and it made my skin so soft!!!!  Loved it!! Thanks!! "

Susan B. - Ringgold, GA

"I had a really raw place in between my two smallest toes. I guess because they are so close together. It was raw and was killing me, so every time I washed my feet, I took a q-tip and dried the area really well and then put your foot powder on a dry q-tip and swabbed the area - and it healed within a day or so! Its not hurting and it's drier looking. Now I make sure to use powder in that area. It is really helpful and healing!"

Emily B. Chattanooga, TN

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